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Jeff Longden

Jeff Longden was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada but had no interest in the gaming world. Jeff has a very competitive nature and raced on the BMX Vector Racing Team with a bicycle he built himself during his childhood. His passion for drag racing was inspired when, as a teenager, his family routinely attended the local drag racing events. He soon discovered that building the cars himself was just as rewarding.

At the age of 18, Jeff and his father built the engine for his first car, a ’72 Pinto, with a larger Cam, Headers and Carburetor. After burning through two clutches and three shifters, Jeff steered towards a different combination and eventually changed vehicles.

Soon thereafter, a 70 ½ Camaro caught his eye. He built a 355 CI motor that ran 14’s initially. Jeff was able to tweak it to squeeze out the needed additional power to run low 12’s during those street racing days. er a long search, Jeff found a shell to his favorite car, a ’69 Camaro which he built from the ground up with an LS7. That project car ran in the low 11’s and he decided to bracket race for the next two seasons. While Jeff finished in the top 10 in points, he didn't find bracket racing exciting enough so he built a 532 CI motor and set his sights on having the fastest street car in town. This new 532 motor ran in the low 10's on motor only and in the 8's on nitrous. Jeff enjoyed every minute of the build as well as the driving.

Shortly thereafter, the West Coast Fastest Street Car Association had assembled and Jeff was hooked! With safety lacking in street racing, he focused his efforts in making the ’69 a major threat to the competition. Next came the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA). Jeff raced that '69 Camaro in Real Street for three years with a best time of 8.64 and made it to the finals twice in 2001.

When Jeff was approached to Co-Crew Chief on a Pro-Street team in the PSCA, he jumped at the opportunity and lived that version of his dream for two more years. This successful six man team competed in every race each season in three different states. In the first year, the Pro-Street Cavalier placed 3rd in points with a best of 6.60 in 2006. In 2007, the team stepped up with a state of the art Camaro ProMod with a best of 6.25 and finished 4th place in points.

By late 2007, he sold the '69 Camaro and was slowly building a 2000 Camaro with all of the latest technology. He raced in 3 different classes for 2 years with that car and eventually it became one of the fastest LS-based all motor cars in the country. In June of 2010, Jeff upgraded to his current 2000 Camaro to step up in class and safety. Jeff now has his sights set on being a top contender in the highly competitive Extreme Drag Radial class in the PSCA for 2011.

PSCA Magnafuel Shootout after Sundown/ July 29-30, 2011

Despite110 0 temperatures and high humidity, the track was working well. On the first qualifying run, we ran 8.31 @ 172 mph after looking the motor over, adjustments had to be made. On second round with cooler track and temperatures the car had slowed to 8.39 @ 169 mph which put us a #4 qualifier. I made another adjustment but the weather came and they called it a night. Round 1 of Eliminations brought me #5 qualifier. I left first and he lost traction. The car ran good 8.31 to his 9.74. That win would put us up against the #1 qualifier. Knowing we needed more power, we made another adjustment. The lights came down and I was gone. I holeshot him to a victory 8.18 to his 8.06. Margin of victory was .008 or about 2 inches. In the final I left first again. The car started drifting to the wall and I had to lift giving the win to my competitor. It was a great weekend and we made progress with the car. Thanks to all who came to support me.