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Deron Growe

I have been racing since 1985 and have raced everything from a Stock Car 3/8 mile Dirt Modified mint 400 class 1 car.

My passion is Drag Racing. I have been racing a car in all classes and have a best time of 6.92@201 mph. I build and tune all my own cars and specialize in carburator tunning.

Racing highlights include:

Mario Andretti Racing School 2008

Richard Petty Racing School 2003, 2005

Bracked Racimg in WHRA 1988-1994

Don Stillhour Flowmaster Challange 1994- 1996

Multiable Race Classes in PSCA 1996 - 2011

Raced 10.5 Outlaw

Real Street

True Street

Limited Street

Wild Street

Xtreme Drag Radical